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rare designator prefixes

(designator prefixes generally used for only a few objects)

These are prefixes used in designators of objects (e.g., stars or galaxies) that are used for no more than a few objects of current interest. Some are from a small survey or catalog, such as produced by/for a single study and others are from catalogs no longer in general use. Or such a designator might be for objects discovered in a particular stellar cluster. Papers occasionally coin such a prefix for the discoveries they announce, or such a prefix might be devised by someone to indicate an earlier study mentioning the object. In some cases, a prefix is based upon the author's name.

Such a designator is likely the result of an attempt to reference the discoverer or an author who found it of interest or otherwise cataloged it. Such an object may have been of little or specialized interest, but more recently has generated wider research interest, the obscure name being revived and effectively publicized. For example, extra-solar planet searches watching many stars spot exoplanets around stars previously of little individual interest, some of these exoplanets making them targets for additional research.

A1689A1689-zD1rare designator prefixeslensed galaxy in Abell Catalog galaxy cluster 1689 field
ABAB 12rare designator prefixesauthors' initials
AbettiAbetti 11rare designator prefixesdiscoverer
ACAC 2rare designator prefixesor A.C., discoverer's initials
AckAck 277.7-03.5rare designator prefixesauthor
AgAg 5rare designator prefixesauthor initial, galaxy
AGCAGC 1rare designator prefixesor A.G.C., discoverer's initials
AH03AH03 J1725-34.4rare designator prefixesauthor's initials & year
AlAL 2-Frare designator prefixesauthor, PNe
AnonAnon 0043-37rare designator prefixesfor "anonymous"
AntalovaAntalova 1rare designator prefixesauthor
ArchesArches-F6rare designator prefixesobject within Arches star cluster
AzTECAzTEC-3rare designator prefixesinstrument
BAT99BAT99-98rare designator prefixesauthors' initials & year
BenBen 1rare designator prefixesviewable galaxies
BIBI 253rare designator prefixesauthors' initials
BiurakanBiurakan 11rare designator prefixesstellar clusters, observatory
BPSBPS CS 22898-0066rare designator prefixesauthors
BRBR1202-0725 LAErare designator prefixesin UK Schmidt Survey B and R plates
BRIBRI 1202-0725rare designator prefixesin UK Schmidt Survey B, R, and I plates
BrsOBrsO 14rare designator prefixesBrisbane Observatory double star
BSOBSO 14rare designator prefixesBrisbane Observatory double star
BSOBSO 1rare designator prefixes"blue stellar object" - early quasar detection
C*C* 3207rare designator prefixescarbon-star catalog
CamelopardalisCamelopardalis Brare designator prefixesconstellation name
CarinaCarina Dwarfrare designator prefixesconstellation name
CasCas 1rare designator prefixesconstellation abbreviation
ChristieChristie's Leo Clusterrare designator prefixesfor discoverer "William H. Christie" of Mount Wilson Observatory
CiCi 20 483rare designator prefixesCincinnati Obs.
COCO-0.40-0.22rare designator prefixesmolecular cloud
CPCP 1919rare designator prefixes"Cambridge pulsar"
CTACTA-102rare designator prefixesCaltech Radio Source list A
CTBCTB 22rare designator prefixesCaltech Radio source list B
DM99DM99 10rare designator prefixesauthors
EBLMEBLM J0555-57Abrare designator prefixesproject acronym
EGGEGG 30rare designator prefixesauthor
EGGREGGR 131rare designator prefixesauthors
EGMEGM 100rare designator prefixesauthor
EliasElias 2-27rare designator prefixesThree papers by Elias
FCCFCC 35rare designator prefixesFornax cluster catalog
FMFM1rare designator prefixesDiscoverer's/Author's initials
FSFS 34rare designator prefixes"faint standard"
FuruhjelmFuruhjelm I 285rare designator prefixesaka FI-285, author
GG0.238-0.071rare designator prefixesmaybe for "galactic coordinates"
GATGAT 1373rare designator prefixesauthor
GCGSGCGS 1175rare designator prefixes"General Catalogue of Galactic S Stars"
GCIRSGCIRS 13Erare designator prefixes"Galactic Center IR Source"
GDGD 356rare designator prefixesGiclas dwarf
GRGR 8rare designator prefixesDiscoverer's/Author's initials
HaroHaro 29rare designator prefixesAuthor
HBHB 2124-4228rare designator prefixesauthors
HFLSHFLS3rare designator prefixesHerschel FLS field
HGHG 7-206rare designator prefixesGiclas (author), Hyades Cluster
HLXHLX-1rare designator prefixes"hyperluminous X-ray source"
HolmbergHolmberg IIrare designator prefixesDiscoverer
HSHHSH95 31rare designator prefixesauthors' initials
HVHV 2112rare designator prefixes"Harvard Variable" star catalog
HZHZ 9rare designator prefixesdiscoverers' initials
ISGISG 39rare designator prefixesAuthors' initials and G for galaxy
KDGKDG 52rare designator prefixesAuthor's initial and DG for "dwarf galaxy"
KeluKelu-1rare designator prefixesname
KHKH 24Drare designator prefixesauthors' initials
KKHKKH 060rare designator prefixesAuthors' initials
KKRKKR 25rare designator prefixesAuthors' initials
KPDKPD 1930+2752rare designator prefixesKitt Peak & author initial
KrugerKruger 60rare designator prefixes(or Kr) discoverer
KUIKUI 75rare designator prefixesauthor: Kuiper, sometimes KPR
KUVKUV 410-4rare designator prefixesKondo (author), UV excess
LL 143-23rare designator prefixes1940s Luyten surveys
LALLAL 21185rare designator prefixesor "Lal", for "Lalande"
LalandeLalande 21185rare designator prefixesauthor
LAWDLAWD 13rare designator prefixesLuyten (author), white dwarf
LBLB 1479rare designator prefixesLuyten "blue"
LEHPMLEHPM 1902rare designator prefixesLiverpool-Edinburgh high PM
LGSLGS 3rare designator prefixes"Local Group, Suspected"
LHLH 10rare designator prefixesOB association, authors
LHLH 10-3209rare designator prefixesstar within LH association
LHOLHO 110rare designator prefixesauthors
LMC ABLMC AB 12rare designator prefixesLMC & authors' initials
LSRLSR J0822+1700rare designator prefixesAuthors' initials
LuhmanLuhman 16rare designator prefixes(or LUH) discoverer
MaffeiMaffei 1rare designator prefixesAuthor name
MalinMalin 1rare designator prefixesDiscoverer
MarkarianMarkarian 6rare designator prefixesstellar clusters, author
MayallMayall IIrare designator prefixesused in 1953 paper
MBMB 3rare designator prefixesAuthors' initials
MCCMCC 481rare designator prefixesobservatory
MelnickMelnick 42rare designator prefixesauthor
MGCMGC1rare designator prefixesfor "Martin Globular Cluster", Nicolas Martin, primary author
MlbOMlbO 4rare designator prefixesMelbourne Obs. discovery
MLOMLO 4rare designator prefixesMelbourne Obs. discovery
MRMR 2251-178rare designator prefixesmaybe for MIT Ricker?
MWCMWC 349rare designator prefixes"Mount Wilson Catalog"
NMLNML Cygnirare designator prefixesauthors
OoOo 2311rare designator prefixesauthor
PP871rare designator prefixesauthor initial
PismisPismis 24-17rare designator prefixesauthor
PrPr0201rare designator prefixesfor open cluster Praesepe
PSPS 130rare designator prefixesauthors
QQ0051-279rare designator prefixesfor "quasar", referencing single survey
QQQQ2345+007rare designator prefixesdouble quasar
QQQQQQ J1432-0106rare designator prefixestriple quasar
RensonRenson 570rare designator prefixes"General catalogue of Ap and Am Stars"
ReticulumReticulum II Dwarfrare designator prefixesconstellation name
RobRob 270rare designator prefixesauthor
SANDSAND364rare designator prefixespaper by "Sanders" re open cluster
SBSB-WF 3572-1508rare designator prefixesHubble Deep Field South SB field
SextansSextans Dwarf Sphrare designator prefixesconstellation name
SherSher 25rare designator prefixesauthor
SIPSSIPS1259-4336rare designator prefixescatalog from 2MASS data
SkSk -68 137rare designator prefixesauthor
SmSm 15rare designator prefixesauthor
SMCSMC 018136rare designator prefixessurvey of galaxy
SmethellsSmethells 15rare designator prefixesauthor
SOSO025300.5+165258rare designator prefixesmaybe "Skymorph object" or "stellar object"
SP77SP77 46-44rare designator prefixes(or SP) authors, publication year
SRSR 12rare designator prefixespaper by Struve & Rudkjøbing of stars in Ophiuchus and Scorpius clouds
SSSS 433rare designator prefixesauthor initials
SteinStein 2031rare designator prefixesdouble star discoverer
StephSteph 762rare designator prefixesauthor
StHAStHA 169rare designator prefixesauthor, H-alpha emitting stars
STISSTIS 123627+621755rare designator prefixesHubble Space Telescope STIS instrument
StKMStKM 1-762rare designator prefixesauthor
TeideTeide 1rare designator prefixesobservatory
TerzanTerzan 5rare designator prefixesSeries of papers re 12 globular clusters
TrumplerTrumpler 27rare designator prefixes(or "Tr"), author
TSTS 335rare designator prefixesauthors
TVLMTVLM 513-46546rare designator prefixesauthor, "very low mass"
UU 494rare designator prefixesabbreviated
UBVUBV 6193rare designator prefixescatalogs UBV data
ubvy98ubvy98 100180540rare designator prefixesfilters
UGPUGP 619rare designator prefixesauthor initials
UMaUMa I dSphrare designator prefixesconstellation abbreviation: Ursa Major
UPGUPG 494rare designator prefixesauthors
VarVar 83rare designator prefixesM33 "variable"
VBVB 8rare designator prefixesdiscoverer initials
VV2000cVV2000c J195928.3+404402rare designator prefixesAuthors' initials
VVOVVO 230rare designator prefixesVan Vleck observatory
VysVys 3rare designator prefixesauthor, same as MCC
WesterlundWesterlund 1-26rare designator prefixes(or W26) cluster discoverer
WillmanWillman 1rare designator prefixesname of a discoverer
WNCWNC 4rare designator prefixesor Winnecke 4, discover
WoWo 9540 Crare designator prefixescatalog author
WOHWHO G64rare designator prefixesauthors' initials
WrayWray 17-96rare designator prefixesauthor
WTWT 469rare designator prefixesauthor initials
YBPYBP 1194rare designator prefixesAuthor initials
YGKOWYGKOW G1rare designator prefixesAuthors' initials
z8z8 GND 5296rare designator prefixesapparently for "z rounds to 8, GOODS North Deep"