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(Systems and format of double star designators)

There are modern and traditional formats and prefixes for double star designation. Modern efforts such as the Washington Double Star Catalog (WDS) have standardized prefixes (using Latin letters for ease of use in databases and basic printing) usually indicating the discoverer, observatory, or old source astronomical catalog, whereas records going back 200 years used prefixes often consisting of Greek and/or Latin letters, commonly using the Greek equivalent of the credited discoverer's initial. The interest in double stars (as asterisms to serve as guide stars, and regarding movements evident over time) has led to many observations recorded in catalogs and journal letters and papers. These can be very useful for long-term studies of binary star orbits, and the proper motion of optical-double individuals, but using them presents challenges in interpreting both the old-style designators and old coordinates.

Some major catalogs of double stars:

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ΦΦ 332discoverer(Finsen)
ARGARG 1discoverer(Argelander)
BALBAL 746discoverer(Baillaud) or Bail 746
BARBAR 61discoverer(Barnard) or Ba 61
BAZBAZ 4or Baize 4, discoverer
BrsOBrsO 14Brisbane Observatory
BSOBSO 14Brisbane Observatory
CHECHE 45discoverer(Chevalier)
COOCOO 70Cordoba Observatory
COUCOU 79discoverer(Couteau)
DAWDAW 35discoverer(Dawson)
DawesDawes 6discoverer
DjuDju 9discoverer(Djurkovic)
DonDon 520discoverer(Donner)
DooDoo 35discoverer(Doolittle)
EDGEDG 2discoverer(D.W. Edgecomb)
ENGENG 11discoverer(Engelmann)
EspEsp 42discoverer(Espin)
FINFIN 332or Finsen 332, discoverer
FRKFRK 11discoverer(Franks)
GALGAL 307or Gallo 307, discoverer
GICGIC 57discoverer(Giclas)
GLEGLE 2discoverer(Gale)
GLPGLP 9discoverer(Glasenapp)
GNTGNT 1discoverer(Grant)
GSHGSH 1discoverer(Glaisher)
GYLGYL 73discoverer(Goyal)
HDOHDO 127Harvard College Observatory
HEIHEI 812discoverer(Heintz)
HLDHLD 250discoverer(E.S. Holden)
HLMHLM 19discoverer(Holmes)
HLNHLN 18discoverer(Frank Holden)
HoHo 229discoverer(G.W. Hough)
HrgHrg 107discoverer(Hargrave)
HuHu 667discoverer(Hussey)
HWEHWE 13discoverer(H.A. Howe)
HynekHynek 1author
HZGHZG 2discoverer(Hertzsprung)
II 7discoverer(Innes)
JJ 900discoverer(Jonckhèere)èere
JCJC 2discoverer(Jacob)
JEFJEF 1discoverer(Jeffers)
JOYJOY 1discoverer(Joy)
JSPJSP 561discoverer(Jessup)
KNTKNT 4or Kn or Knott(discoverer)
KRKR 60or Kruger(Krüger, discoverer)
KUKU 3discoverer(Kustner)
KUIKUI 75or KPR, author(Kuiper)
SteinStein 2031discoverer
STHSTH 2or H 2, discoverer(H. Struve)
WNCWNC 4or Winnecke 4, discoverer

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