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zone of avoidance

(region of sky obscured by Milky Way)

The zone of avoidance (ZOA) is the region of the sky with the visible Milky Way, in which the galaxy's dust obscures more distant objects such as galaxies (extinction). It is the subject of surveys in regions of the electromagnetic radiation spectrum that are unaffected by dust, such as radio.

The terms northern zone of avoidance and southern zone of avoidance have been used to indicate roughly portions of the ZOA with positive and negative declinations, respectively, i.e., north and south of Earth's equator.

The designator ZOAG (for "ZOA galaxy") stems from a 1990s 21cm line survey to identify galaxies obscured by the Milky Way, within or near the Perseus-Pisces Supercluster.

(Milky Way,sky)
ZOAGZOAG G135.74-04.53zone of avoidance 

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