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(device detecting properties of electromagnetic waves by detecting interference between waves)

An interferometer is a device which combines electromagnetic waves in such manner that their interference can be detected and used to measure properties of waves. Numerous highly-different types of devices fit this description. In astronomy, aperture synthesis interferometers are used to produce very high angular resolution in measurements. Aperture synthesis interferometry has been used for radio telescopes since the 1950s and now enables angular resolution detection down to microarcseconds. It has been used for optical telescopes since the 1990s now enabling angular resolution detection down to milliarcseconds.

Among other types of interferometry used in astronomy, minute variations in the wavelength of spectral lines are measured across images, e.g., the Sun, to detect Doppler shifts due to relative radial velocity differences.

A Michelson interferometer is a specialized type used in gravitational wave-detectors and imaging Fourier transform spectroscopies.


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