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European Southern Observatory Very Large Telescope

(ESO VLT, VLT, Very Large Telescope)
(four 8.2-meter optical telescopes in Chile that can act together)

The ESO Very Large Telescope (or just Very Large Telescope or ESO VLT) is at the Paranal Observatory on the Atacama Desert in Chile, and operated by the European Southern Observatory. It is actually four 8.2-meter Reflector Telescopes, that can be used separately or together. It operates at Optical and Infrared Wavelengths.

The telescopes are:

  • UT1, "Antu"
  • UT2, "Kueyen"
  • UT3, "Melipal"
  • UT4, "Yepun"

Among the instruments are:

  • AMBER - astronomical multi-beam recombiner.
  • CRIRES - cryogenic infrared echelle spectrograph.
  • ESPRESSO - echelle spectrograph for rocky exoplanet and stable spectroscopic observations.
  • FLAMES - fibre large array multi-element spectrograph: includes UVES and GIRAFFE.
  • FORS2 - focal reducer and low dispersion Spectrograph.
  • GRAVITY - near-infrared Interferometer combining signal from all four telescopes for high-precision Astrometry.
  • HAWK-I - high acuity wide field K Band imager.
  • ISAAC - infrared Spectrometer and array Camera.
  • KMOS - cryogenic Near-infrared Multi-Object Spectrograph.
  • MATISSE - multi Aperture Mid Infrared spectrograph experiment.
  • MUSE - spectrograph.
  • NACO - Nasmyth Adaptive Optics system.
  • PIONIER - precision integrated-optics near-infrared imaging experiment.
  • SINFONI - spectrograph for integral field observations in the near-infrared.
  • UVES - Ultraviolet and visual echelle spectrograph.
  • GIRAFFE - medium-high Resolution visible light spectrograph.
  • VIMOS - visible multi-object spectrograph.
  • VISIR - VLT spectrometer and imager for the mid-infrared.
  • X-Shooter - wide-band spectrograph.

The term VLTI for Very Large Telescope Interferometer refers to it as an Optical Interferometer, e.g., when using GRAVITY. It features a 120m baseline.

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