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(well-known constellation in the northern hemisphere)

Orion is a well-known constellation in the northern hemisphere with heavily-studied stars and features, named after the hunter from Greek mythology, Orion.

Some prominent stars:

NameTypeRadiusApparent MagnitudeDistance
BetelgeuseM-Type Star Supergiant887 Rsun.42643 ly
RigelB-Type Star blue supergiant78 Rsun.18860 ly
BellatrixB2 III5.75 Rsun1.62250 ly
MintakaO-Type Star bright giant16.5 Rsun2.231200 ly
AlnilamB-type blue supergiant42 Rsun1.682000 ly
AnlitakTriple star including an O-type blue supergiant20 Rsun1.771260 ly
SaiphB0.522 Rsun2.09650 ly

Among the other "stars" is the Orion Nebula, the middle of three stars descending from the belt, seen as Orion's sword.


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