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extreme mass ratio inspiral

(inspiraling pair of objects with mass ratio beyond 10,000)

The abbreviation EMRI for extreme mass ratio inspiral is used for orbits expected to inspiral yet have a mass ratio of 10,000 or greater, specifically, a supermassive black hole with a massive star or compact object orbiting it. They are proposed as a source of detectable gravitational waves and are some of the targets of planned space-based gravitational-wave detectors such as the LISA:

The orbital period and wave period would be in the range of hours. This circumstance was considered promising enough to contribute to the motivation for such space-based GW detectors, but there are factors which may make it too rare:

The term intermediate mass ratio inspiral (IMRI) is used for a similar circumstance surrounding a (theorized) intermediate-mass black hole, a possible target for ground detectors such as LIGO.

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