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electron scattering

(any process that changes the course of an electron)

Electron scattering is a general term for phenomena that change the course of a free electron: pretty much any interaction with another particle that leaves the electron free.

The scattering can be caused by an electric force, i.e., when it encounters a charged particle such as another electron or a nucleus, or can be electron diffraction per to its de Broglie wavelength, or it can be the "kick" it receives when it scatters a photon. The term electron scattering is also used more specifically as a class of photon scattering, indicating the object scattering the photon is a free electron, i.e., "scattering by an electron", but such an electron does have its course changed as well.

Some of the photon scattering and emission mechanisms involving a charged particle, which can be an electron (making them, in some cases, electron scattering):

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