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Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument

(DESI, MS-DESI, MSDESI, Mid-scale Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument)
(new instrument for measuring red-shift of distant objects)

The Dark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument (DESI) is a multi-object spectrograph intended to measure redshifts of luminous red galaxies, quasars, emission line galaxies, and Lyman-alpha QSOs, to create a 3D cosmological map for dark energy research. It includes 5000 fibers placed automatically using robotics. It is currently being installed in the Mayall 4m Telescope at Kitt Peak, aiming to begin a five-year survey in 2019.

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.4μm750THz3.1eVbeginDark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument
1μm300THz1.3eVendDark Energy Spectroscopic Instrument

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