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Allen Telescope Array

(array of radio telescopes in northern California for SETI)

The Allen Telescope Array is a radio telescope array of 42 dishes at the Hat Creek Radio Observatory in northern California, owned by the SETI Institute (an organization supporting SETI research, the search for extraterrestrial intelligence). It has a wide field of view and covers frequencies 0.5GHz to 11.2GHz. In addition to SETI research, it is suitable for other radio astronomy applications including 21cm line observations.

The 42 dishes (ATA-42) went operational in 2007, and plans from the beginning have been to increase it in stages to 350 dishes (ATA-350).

27mm11.2GHz46μeVbeginAllen Telescope Array
600mm0.5GHz2.1μeVendAllen Telescope Array

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