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Advanced Composition Explorer

(satellite collecting solar wind and cosmic rays)

Advanced Composition Explorer (ACE) is a satellite collecting Particle data from Solar Wind and Cosmic Rays. It was launched in 1997 targeted for a 5 year mission but with sufficient fuel to stay in orbit until 2024 and is still in operation. It orbits near the L1 Lagrangian Point of the Earth and Sun. Instruments:

  • CRIS ("Cosmic Ray Isotope Spectrometer").
  • RTSW ("ACE Real Time Solar Wind").
  • ULEIS ("Ultra-Low Energy Isotope Spectrometer").
  • SEPICA ("Solar Energetic Particle Ionic Charge Analyzer").
  • SWIMS ("Solar Wind Ions Mass Spectrometer").
  • SWICS ("Solar Wind Ion Composition Spectrometer").
  • SIS ("Solar Isotope Spectrometer").
  • SWEPAM ("Solar Wind Electron, Proton and Alpha Monitor").
  • EPAM ("Electron, Proton, and Alpha-particle Monitor").
  • MAG ("Magnetometer").

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