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HR 8799

(star with four exoplanets)

HR 8799 is a young main sequence star with a debris disk and four giant extra-solar planets. It is one of the first systems in which the exoplanets were confirmed by direct imaging and the clearest view of so much of a planetary system. Characteristics:

planetdist. to starradiusmasstemperature
HR 8799 b71.6 AU1.2 RJ5.7 MJ870 K
HR 8799 c41.39 AU1.3 RJ7.8 MJ1090 K
HR 8799 d26.67 AU1.2 RJ9.1 MJ1090 K
HR 8799 e16.25 AU1.2 RJ7.4 MJ1000 K

(RJ and MJ are Jupiter's radius and mass.)

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