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Green Bank 140 Foot Telescope

(140 Foot Telescope, 43 Meter Telescope)
(West Virginia radio telescope)

The Green Bank 140 Foot Telescope is a 43 meter telescope at the Green Bank Observatory (GBO) in West Virginia, the second largest telescope at the site after the Green Bank Telescope (GBT). The 140 Foot Telescope was built in the 1960s and among its uses were some early very-long-baseline interferometry experiments. It has an equatorial mount and is the largest such "dish" telescope that ever used one (but the non-dish Ooty Radio Telescope's mounting qualifies as equatorial). In 1999 it was retired, but brought back into service in 2005 with new instruments and has since been used for ionospheric research, for pulsar hunting, and as a control station for Spektr-R, which operated until 2019.

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